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Hand Carved Morel Display with 5 Morels
One of a Kind Hand Carved Display of 5 Morels
  Regular price $230.00 

Hand Carved Morel Mushroom Lamp
Hand Carved Morel Mushroom Lamp
  Regular price $150.00 

Morel Fan Pull

  Regular price $14.00 

Morel Master Carving Display Large with Antler
This is a beautiful hand carved Morel Mushroom Display with a total of 7 hand carved Morels and accented with an authentic Deer Antler that was found in the woods while hunting Morels. The largest Morel is just under 9 inches tall with all 7 Morels mounted to a unique basswood base. This special carving has over 40 hours of carving time and we promise you will not be disappointed. Our artist only carves a couple of these per year so don't let it get away. The display will be signed and dated on the bottom numbered 1 of 1. 
  Regular price $300.00 

Morel Mushroom Christmas Ornament

  Regular price: $16.00  Featured price $15.00

Morel Mushroom Magnet

  Regular price $9.00 

Morel Mushroom Master Carving of 3
Morel Master Carving with Natural Bark Base
  Regular price $165.00 

Morel Mushroom Pins

  Regular price $10.00 

Morel Mushroom Tree Stump
Morel Mushroom Tree Stump
  Regular price $500.00 

Our Most Relistic Morel Mushroom Magnet

  Regular price $15.00 

OUT OF STOCK Morel Bottle Stop

  Regular price $16.00 

OUT OF STOCK Morel Key Ring

  Regular price $14.00